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What you get


There are very few firms that have a good understanding of both financial and software engineering. We'll understand the internals of the business and where it needs to go, and communicate that in a way that really works.


Get an understanding of the engineering problems a business might have through the eyes of an engineer who's managed multiple teams in the past.


The big 4 consulting firms are too expensive and the service is too formulaic. If you book me for a project you get my personal phone number, nothing less.


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What people I've worked with have to say;

David consistently showcases exceptional technical skills, resourcefulness, and a proactive approach in understanding project objectives.

[David]'s friendly demeanor and critical mind will always be a welcome addition to both our volunteers and guests. Having worked alongside him from the macro to ground floor, David has my highest recommendation.

David is earnest, hardworking, and thorough. He's my go-to guy for all technical due diligence and deal analysis.

The Process

Step 1: Discovery

Let's sit down and have a conversation about what you're trying to achieve, no contracts. no nonsense. I can only take on a small number of clients, if you're going to be one of them I want to be sure that I'm the right person for you to achieve your outcome.

Step 2: Set our Gameplan

I don't like to nickel and dime people. Depending on what we're doing, we'll set a gameplan and some clear deliverables.

Step 3: Execution

I'm in the business of successful investment outcomes in technology companies. If we're doing due diligence, you'll have the information you need on your desk and multiple opportunities to talk through what I'm looking at and get your questions answered, jargon-free. I'll walk you through the good, the bad, and my recommendations. If you want help running the business I'm happy to discuss that as well.

Return on Investment.

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Who I am

And how I can help you

We help shareholders get great outcomes

My name is David Awad, I've spent the last few years running engineering teams and working on investments for venture capital and private equity firms. I've gone through the lifecycle of entering a company post acquisition as an engineer and gotten the company to exit. I've joined venture-backed startups and been in the CTO's chair more than once. I've also done both sell-side and buy-side transactions.

We've done blockchain, mining, artificial intelligence, web development, and semiconductor fabrication. I like to think of that expertise as everything "electricity and up".

Do you run a technology business and need help with strategy?

We can help you with strategy and management including engineering products, marketing, sales, and operations. I can also help you with your fundraising strategy, including pitch deck, financial model, and investor outreach.

Are you an investor looking for technical or financial due diligence?

We can help you with venture or private equity due diligence including products, marketing, sales, and operations. We can also help you with your fundraising strategy, including pitch deck, financial model, and investor outreach.

Are you a lawyer looking for expert knowledge on technology issues?

We've got some legal experience behind us and have worked with government and policy committees and assisted firms with with legislation and cases.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very lucky to get a lot of questions, here's what people ask me most often.

What do you do?

We build, invest in, and manage technology companies. We've worked on a wide variety of projects on the engineering and financial sides. I'm often contacted by firms looking to make an investment in a technology company and need help with technical due diligence, or owners looking for technical management consulting.

What kinds of deals can you assist on?

We like to use the term "electricity and up" which could be anything from semiconductors to blockchain and everything in-between. While I'm happy to learn, I don't know anything about biotech, climate, or pharma for example. Of course, if you're looking for financial analysis, comparables, and exit returns modeling I'm happy to discuss that as well.

Do you take equity in companies instead of cash?

We do currently advise a couple of companies in exchange for equity. This arrangement is most suitable for startups and solo PE funds / search funds.

How much do you typically charge?

For high-level technical due diligence I'll typically do $3000 and $6000 for a more intensive deep dive (includng source code, etc).

Who owns the work-product you create?

Anything I make is entirely considered your intellectual property as a client. I'm not interested in reusing work-product from one client to another and keep a very tight ship.

Can you help me run an existing technology company?

I've done management consulting for software businesses and would be happy to help your business perform better.

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